Wednesday, August 29, 2007


ive decided to make a thread on bets of how long this westy wood film studio is going to last so just post a comment on how long you think it will be and we might be able to have ourselves a nice compettion! (sorry no prizes for the winner)

well well well look, what the cat dragged in.....

ME! im back and im angrier than ever with all this crap about maori life expetancy and being ashamed well FY bloody I its not our fault! Their the ones that smoke do drugs or whatever it is thats decreasing their life expectancy so you know... shutup pete hodgson it isnt our fault and your probably not crying yourself to sleep about like some mislead newzealaders (i really hope that isnt true). AAAAAAAAAND the whole child abuse thing "put a peg on your nose to take a stand", WHAT? how stupid is that it doesnt make a difference at all and the 3 minutes silence what does that do? It doesnt matter what we do we cant stop it only the abusers can. And honestly the peg thing it'd be like painting bruises on ourselves everytime someone is beaten up or putting tomatoe sauce on our shirts everytime someone is murdered! Right now i question why we even have a government. This ones so useless we might aswell just not bother. But on a completely different subject the new movie studio in west auckland, whos idea was that? i wonder how much expensive equipment there is in this place and how quickly the place will be broken into. Its like putting a bird infront of a hungry cat... well almost but seriously, who thought of that.

Monday, November 06, 2006

this is moaning and whining about the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

well to start of... abosolute rubbish. One of the worst movies i have ever seen, quite honestly i mean what was the point in it? and that stupid little robot... and that huge machine!!! ahhh how is the answer to life 42?! and they Supposedly waited one thousand years!!! and that stupid president person, he was a drunk and you should know not to elect drunks! and why was the earth destroyed and then rebuilt by a cheap company how the hell does that work?? i really didnt see the point in the movie they went round the galaxy just to find the answer to life.. it wasted my time.... and some how there were supposed to be 2 answers to life 1: the earth 2: 42 i mean make up your mind!!! i hated that robot so much why couldnt they give him filipping prozac! if they had maybe his lines wouldnt just be "im going to go cry now...". Well thats all the moaning for today. I think.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

this is ridiculous

I would like to express how utterly annoyed i am about what some people think of video games.... How can they say it will allways be the same ending??!! It will never be completley the same allways one little thing will be different. Espicially with rpgs (role playing games) if you say one thing different with some one it will completley change the game and what happens in it. if you attack one person and not another there will be completley different gameplay, and in certain games there will be the good/evil thing and being one or the other will completley change what you can say and the ending. stupid people that say "no matter what you do there will allways be the same ending"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

dont you hate this?

I am really getting sick of people who talk about somthing and think its relevant when its not!!!! In meetings (at school) we allways have to talk about somthing and not naming people one person allways has to stick their hand up and say somthing completley irrelavent or they relate a tv show .Which really gets on my nerves because they make things longer for everyone else and it doesnt even contribute to the conversation does it? And even to start off what their sayin they just have to wait till "every ones quiet". I would just talk people will be quiet any way so why bother?

Monday, July 17, 2006

bloody bob geldof!!!!

So.... bob geldof.... thinks he can come into our country.... and diss us for how much money we give to all the poor countrys... ATLEAST WE GIVE SOME. Isn't he like one of the biggest charity givers in the world? and thinks we should give more?! Well honestly, i heard we are supposed to be giving like a billion or over that a year. Seriously we can't do that can we?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

violent television

Does violent television promote violence in kids? And does it do the same in games? Shouldn't kids be smart enough to no that in cartoons every one survives, and that if you pushed your friend off the empire state building he wouldn't? Or in video games that if you get shot there is no saving and loading the game its just plain THE END. So is it ok for kids to watch or play violent things with out supervision? if they know the difference between it sure but if they don't then...

Monday, June 26, 2006

flash game addiction

How many people get addicted to these internet flash games? Many at my school do, there has been a recent one called "n" and most love it. But i want to know if they are truly addicted. And heres the link